Wildflower Tiles

You can download these seamless tiles, in .bmp or .jpg format, for use as your desktop wallpaper or for webpage backgrounds. This is absolutely freeware, though you can to tell me if you like them. Please be nice and DO NOT link directly to the images on this web page!!!

All images were scanned from actual photographs or dried plant specimens and manipulated using The Gimp, free graphics software now available in a refreshing Windows version (Everybody Loves The Gimp).

You can download the images individually, in either .jpg or .bmp format, from this web site (Windows/Unix/Linux users, use right mouse button; Mac users hold down mouse button) - use the "Save Link As" option. Note that the images in Set #1 and #2 have been resized for maximum viewing efficiency; the actual tiles are larger.

Set #2: Weeds of Wonder

This second set of tiles was created using scanned images of dried plant specimens that I collected locally (in Massachusetts).

Solidago spp. Corydalis spp. Goatsbeard - Aruncus dioica
Get .bmp version here Get .bmp version here  Get .bmp version here
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Burning Bush Leaves, Bright Version Burning Bush Leaves - Pale Version Pokeweed - Phytolacca americana
 Get the .bmp version here  Get .bmp version here  Get .bmp version here
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Rabbit's Foot Clover - Plain Version Rabbit's Foot Clover - Violet Version Rabbit's Foot Clover - Blue Cloth Filter
 Get .bmp version here  Get .bmp version here  Get .bmp version here
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Solidago sp. - Plain Version Solidago sp. - Bumped Version
Get .bmp version here Get .bmp version here

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