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The Knotweed Page
Breeding system, hybridization, and polyploidy of the invasive plant Fallopia japonica (Japanese Knotweed, Polygonum cuspidatum) and related species, plus information on controlling infestations, other current research, and native plant alternatives. (updated 7/2004)
Invasive Species Weblog
Visit the Invasive Species Weblog to read the latest information about invasive plants and animals, updated daily. (2002-present)
Mass Invaders Logo
New!The Mass Invaders website is the web version of the Invasive Plants in Massachusetts poster, with web links and a photo gallery for each of the 12 featured plants. (2004)
logo for Nantucket Field Station Virtual Nature Trail
Visit the official website for the UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station Virtual Nature Trail, a joint effort of many dedicated UMB faculty, grad students and undergrads. (2002-present)
NESCB's Conservation Perspectives
In 2001 I contributed the article "Methods of Introduction of Non-Native Plants into New Habitats: A Review" to "Conservation Perspectives", the online journal of the New England chapter of The Society for Conservation Biology.
New England Botanical Club
In 2001, I also gave a talk for the New England Botanical Club titled "Through the Looking Glass: History and Consequences of the Introduction of American Plant Species into Europe". The meeting minutes are posted on the NEBC web site.

UPDATE 11/2003: I now have reprints and a species list available for "The introduction of American plant species into Europe: issues and Consequences." a chapter in the book "Plant Invasions: Ecological Threats and Management Solutions."

Genus of the Month
Discover a new and exciting Plant Genus each month. (1997-2003)
Conservation New England home page
In 1998 I worked on a project for the Conservation New England web site with Jim Stark, "The Introduction of Non-Native Plants into Massachusetts"
Friends of the Blue Hills logo
Read my article "Non-Native Plants: the good, the bad, & the ugly," featured in the July-August 2002 newsletter of the Friends of the Blue Hills. (.pdf file)
Free seamless wildflower tiles
Download cool and weird seamless tiles made from scans of dried plant specimens and photos, for use as desktop wallpaper, webpage backgrounds, or whatever you's absolute freeware. (Updated 8/6/02)
Buy foreign postage stamps online!
For fellow stamp collectors, here's a simple list I've put together of Post Offices that sell stamps Online. (Updated 1/8/04)

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