What I did on my Summer Vacation - 1999...Page 2.

2) Around the Lab (Assergi to Funivia [Fiordigigli])
Upright Carline Thistle This upright species of Carline Thistle, probably Carlina vulgaris (Asteraceae), is found throughout the region.

This gorgeous shot is of Epilobium angustifolium, a species of WillowHerb that I found growing in several populations, with each plant about 3 feet tall. This species is native to North America, where it is known by the common name "Fireweed".

I'm actually not sure what genus this is.  My best guess is that it's a species in the Scrophulariaceae gone to fruit.  If you have a better answer, feel free to email me!

I would say this has to be my favorite picture. This is the fruit of the "Sloe" bush, as in "Sloe Gin Fizz" (Prunus spinosa - Rosaceae).

Hibiscus trionum, also known as "Venice Mallow" or "Flower-of-an-hour", is a species in the Malvaceae. Its common name is a reference to the short duration of each bloom. Apparently a native of Africa, this species is considered an invasive species in many parts of America. Commonly a weed of cultivated fields, which explains its presence near the lab.

Something in the Asteraceae, possibly an Aster species.  Yellow Aster

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