What I did on my Summer Vacation - 1999.

For two weeks this past July and August (1999), I was lucky enough to spend some time in the beautiful region of Italy known as the Abruzzo. This year I was lucky enough to have a new camera with a macro lens, which enabled me to capture some of the region's flora close-up.  What you see below are the best shots out of the many rolls of film I developed...

1) Parco Nationale d'Abruzzo
Though I often found individuals bearing only a single flower, this is probably Campanula rapunculus (Rampion Bellflower), a species in the Campanulaceae that is common throughout the lower elevations of the Abruzzo region. Campanula species (Bellflower) Bee and Thistle
A bee enjoys a purple thistle.


Close-up of Carline Thistle Grazing animals roam constantly through the area of the park that we visited. As a result, just about the only plants rising above the tamped down soil had nasty spines, like this Stemless Carline Thistle (Carlina acaulis - Asteraceae). Ouch!

The Gentians are an odd mix of 4- and 5-petaled flowers. The one pictured to the right is 4-petaled, and is appropriately called the "Cross Gentian" (Gentiana cruciata - Gentianaceae). Gentian

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