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News & Notes:
7/4/04: North American Knotweed Symposium scheduled for March 2005 in Vancouver, click here for details.
7/2/04: Updated Knotweed Nomenclature, now with foreign names!
6/27/04: New AP article, link in the Knotweed Lit section.
5/27/04: Site improvements are here, new content is on its way!
11/24/03: New, enhanced content on the "Knotweed Nomenclature" page.
10/31/03: Visit the new "Knotweed Literature" page to get links to articles and websites about knotweed.
6/18/03: There are now three Japanese knotweed items for sale at the Invasive Species Weblog store, check it out.
Thinking about planting Japanese Knotweed, Giant Knotweed, or Silver Lace Vine in your garden? Please reconsider. Even "non-invasive" cultivars can contribute to the general problem of knotweed invasion, because hybridization can occur. Also, consider planting native species instead!

Taming the Wild Knotweed

  Information about the management of Japanese knotweed and related species
  • Controlling Knotweed in the Pacific Northwest (.pdf) - A comprehensive summary of best management practices produced by The Nature Conservancy. Covers both mechanical and chemical controls, and discusses giant knotweed as well as Japanese knotweed.
  • Using Tarps to Control Japanese Knotweed and Reclaim Garden Space, a detailed description of control from A chemical-free option.
  • The Cornwall Knotweed Forum has posted descriptions of herbicide application projects at several locations around England, to read them, go to their site and click on "Current Research." They have also produced a standardized methodology (.pdf) about the application of herbicide directly into cut knotweed stems.
  • A fact sheet (.pdf) with several control options is available from the Rutgers Cooperative Extension program of New Jersey.
Biological Control Efforts
  • Read about research being done to identify biological controls for Japanese knotweed, in an article by R. Shaw and L. Seiger.
  • The Japanese Knotweed Alliance has more information about their efforts at finding biological controls, including this recent update from May 2003.

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