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News & Notes:
12/05/06: A little bit about resveratrol.
10/05/06: The Life on the Japanese Knotweed project is seeking Citizen Scientists to photograph insects, plants and animals using Japanese knotweed. If you've got a camera, please join us!
9/06/06: Cornell University will be holding a Japanese Knotweed Conference Oct. 11-12, 2006. A bit more info is available here (scroll down).
10/2/04: Two recent news articles about Japanese knotweed have been posted in the Knotweed News section.
7/2/04: Updated Knotweed Nomenclature, now with foreign names!
6/27/04: New AP article, link in the Knotweed Lit section.
5/27/04: Site improvements are here, new content is on its way!
11/24/03: New, enhanced content on the "Knotweed Nomenclature" page.
Japanese knotweed and horsetails in Seattle, WA

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