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This page has been created for people who want to learn more about plants, especially in the context of their taxonomy (Latin names, etc.). This is by no means an exhaustive list of all available Web resources for a particular genus.
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January 2003 will be the last entry for Genus of the Month. For several months I have not been able to update this site as frequently as I would have liked, and I have decided it is time to fully direct my energies to my other web sites.

Since I first created "Genus of the Week" in 1997, the internet resources available for those interested in plant taxonomy have increased greatly. If this is your interest as well, two good places to start are the GRIN taxonomy database and the USDA's PLANTS database. This site will remain online indefinitely, but will not be updated. I found these pages to be very useful as a way of increasing my botanical knowledge, and I hope that you find them useful as well.

This month's genus:


Subclass: Monocotyledoneae
Superorder: Arecidae
Order: Arales
Family: Araceae
Number of Species: About 10
Root: *censored* :-)

Plants in the genus Amorphophallus are often recognized by the distinctive inflorescences for which the genus is named. While probably best known for the Titan Arum, a botanical curiosity (see below), several species in the genus provide people in tropical regions with an important food source.

Here are a few links to images and descriptions of different Amorphophallus species:


  1. Heywood, V.H., ed. Flowering Plants of the World. New York, Oxford University Press: 1993.

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